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You can add new items to the Gallery's theme categories. In addition, you can create entirely new themes. For example, if you design graphics for a sports- related organization, you'll surely create a theme called Sports , and possibly several subthemes, such as Sports-Football, Sports-Baseball , and Sports-Hockey .

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The themes exist only so that you can group similar objects together. Once separated into themes, all your related images appear together for you to find quicker than if they were spread across multiple themes or if all your images were included in only one theme.



Resist the temptation to store new images in the theme labeled My Theme . Instead, create new themes with specific names that relate to related groups of objects you'll place there.

  1. Request a New Theme

    Click the Gallery's New Theme button. The Properties dialog box opens.

  2. Name the Theme

    Type a name in the General page of the dialog box. Give the theme a meaningful name that relates to the objects you'll place in that theme category. You want to be able to locate your images quickly.



    You can also add sound files to a theme, but the sound files do little good in Draw-related themes.

  3. Add Files to the Theme

    Click the dialog box's Files tab to add files to the new theme if you have any graphics to add.

    First click the Find Files button and locate the folder that contains the image or images you wish to add to your theme. Click the Add button to display a Browse dialog box from which you can select images to add to the theme. Draw displays the filenames from that folder. You can click the Preview option to see a preview of any selected files in the list.

    If you want to add all the images, click the Add All button. If you only want to add one or a few images to the Gallery, click to select these images (hold Ctrl and click to select multiple images) and then click the Add button. When you finish adding images, click Close .

  4. Review Your Theme

    Draw displays your new theme and its contents. Review the contents and add more images if needed by right-clicking the theme name and selecting Properties .



    You can delete an image from any theme by clicking the image and pressing Del . Draw confirms that you want to delete the image before removing it from the Gallery.

  5. Add Images Quickly

    If you want to add images to an existing theme, you can do so quickly. For instance, perhaps you've added text to an existing image to create a logo or perhaps combined two or more images. You may have even drawn your own. All you need to do is drag the image from your drawing area to an empty spot in the Gallery's theme. When you release your mouse button after dragging the image to the Gallery, the Gallery will maintain a copy of the image so you can insert it into subsequent drawings.

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