Add Page Banners and Navigation Bars

Page banners and navigation bars are specified with all of FrontPage's themes, so you should already have experience working with them. Page banners look like giant navigation buttons (if they're graphical), and they provide a way to give a page a title. Navigation bars are related groups of hyperlinks that are represented as graphical buttons or text. Both of them are FrontPage components ”special interactive elements that can be used on your Webs. They combine editable text and pictures.

You can add these components to pages with the Insert, Navigation Bar and Insert, Page Banner commands.

A page banner contains a single line of text and can have a graphical background. The picture used as the background is defined by the Web's theme ”Webs without a theme cannot have graphical page banners.

The text of a page banner will be the same as its title in the Navigation view window. If the page isn't in the navigational structure of the Web yet, it must be added before a banner can be displayed.

When you save or publish a Web, FrontPage creates pictures for each graphical page banner and navigation bar on your Web. The text is displayed over the component's background image.

All of this takes place behind the scenes, so you work with these components differently than you do with pictures.

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