During this chapter, you learned how to use FrontPage's built-in themes to establish the graphic appearance of a Web. FrontPage has themes suited to a variety of purposes: corporate sites, personal home pages, hobbies, and more.

If the software's built-in themes did not fit a project, you can create your own theme by customizing an existing one. Themes define several different aspects of a Web, including its background picture, navigation bars, and the color of text, headings, and hyperlinks . They can make use of advanced Web design features like JavaScript to cause buttons to change in response to mouse movements on a page.

Wizards are interactive programs that create templates based on your answers to a series of questions. You can create more complex Webs with wizards than are possible with templates, including a corporate Web, discussion Web, and an interactive form page.

By using these three features, you're able to solve one of the problems any Web designer faces: how to go from an empty file folder to an entire Web, complete with pages, images, hyperlinks, and a navigational structure.

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