Try It Yourself: Create Your Own Personal Web

You now should be able to create a personalized Personal Web, your first real Web in FrontPage.

Use the Personal Web template to create a person's home page. The person in question can be you, someone you're familiar with, or someone you hope to become familiar with ”once they see the Web that has been created in their honor .

This Web should have each of the following:

  • An introduction on the main page that describes the person in a few sentences

  • An interests page that describes three of the person's interests

  • A hyperlinks page that links to three of the person's favorite Web sites

If you have photos of the person, you should use some of them on the photo page that's part of a Personal Web.

Also, change the page banner of the interests page to Hobbies instead of Interests. This change will require some changes to the text of that page, and it also should appear on the navigation bar throughout the Web.

While you're working, you may accidentally delete a component or hyperlink you're working on. You can add a new one to replace it using one of the following menu commands:

  • Insert, Date and Time for a timestamp

  • Insert, Page Banner

  • Insert, Hyperlink

The last thing you should do is personalize the text on each of the pages, removing anything that doesn't make sense. Use interesting, energetic language to describe the subject of this Web, especially if you're developing it in someone's honor.

After making all of these changes, preview the Web in a browser. Before previewing the pages, FrontPage will give you an opportunity to save anything that hasn't been saved yet.

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