Sending the Message

After you have chosen your recipients, created the message, added your files and signature, and checked the spelling, you are ready to send your message. To send the message, simply click the Send (Alt+S) button and away it goes.


Although you may have sent the message, it first goes into your Outbox. Assuming that your local mail server is available, it then goes there. If you don't have a connection to your server (such as having to use a modem to dial up your server), the message sits in your Outbox folder until you establish a network connection. The server may send your message immediately, or it may be programmed to send at various intervals. Depending on network (Internet and other networks) activity, the message may be delivered to the server immediately, or it may take several minutes or even hours. Then the receiving server has to decide when it has time to post your message to the recipient. Normally, you won't notice a delay, but you should be aware of what happens when you click the Send button.

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