Conventions Used in This Book

This book uses several common conventions to help teach its topics most effectively. Here is a summary of those typographical conventions:

  • Commands, computer output, and words you type appear in a special monospaced computer font .

  • To type a shortcut key, such as Alt+F, press and hold the first key, and then press the second key before releasing both keys.

  • If a task requires you to select from a menu, the book separates menu commands with a comma. For example, File, Save As is used to select the Save As option from the File menu.

In addition to typographical conventions, the following special elements are included to set off different types of information to make them easily recognizable:


Special notes augment the material you read in each chapter. These notes clarify concepts and procedures.


You find numerous tips that offer shortcuts and solutions to common problems.


The cautions are about pitfalls. Reading them saves you time and trouble.


Take some time out of your training to sit back and enjoy a more in-depth look at a particular feature. The sidebars are useful for exploring unusual features and show you additional ways to utilize the chapter material.

Sams Teach Yourself Office Productivity All in One
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