Creating Web Pages in Word

Word gives you a variety of ways to create Web pagesand you don't have to be a professional Web page designer to make them look good. In this section, you get a taste of creating a Web page from scratch. For practice, you'll create a "personal Web page" and use one of Word's many themes ("looks") to give the page some visual flair.

To create a Web page with a theme, follow these steps:

  1. Choose File, New to display the New dialog box.

  2. Click the Web Pages tab, click the Personal Web Page icon, and then click OK (see Figure 13.7).

    Figure 13.7. Select Personal Web Page to practice creating a Web page in Word.


  3. The default Web page opens (see Figure 13.8). The hyperlinks under Contents (Work Information, Favorite Links, and so on) lead to locations in the same page. To make the page more visually appealing, choose Format, Theme.

    Figure 13.8. Word creates the Web page with plain formatting and placeholder text.


  4. In the Theme dialog box, click a few themes in the Choose a Theme list. You can preview each theme in the Sample of Theme area. When you find one that you like, select it (see Figure 13.9) and click OK.

    Figure 13.9. Choose a theme that is visually appealing to you.


  5. Word applies the theme to the Web page. Select all the placeholder text and replace it with your actual text (see Figure 13.10). Then save and close the page.

    Figure 13.10. Replace the placeholder text with your content.


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