Making Your Web Pages Available to Others

To make your Web pages visible to others, you have to copy ( upload ) them to the Internet Web site or intranet site where they will "live." You can do this in the Save As dialog box. Choose File, Save As, and then click the Web Folders icon on the left side of the dialog box. If you see the location you want, select it and then click the Save button. If you don't see the right location here, you can specify the location yourself.

You typically upload pages to a Web or intranet site via a protocol called FTP , for File Transfer Protocol . So telling Word where you want to upload your Web pages involves defining an FTP location. You have to do this only once. From then on, you will be able to choose the FTP site in the Save As dialog box.

Follow these steps to set up an FTP location for uploading your Web pages to a Web site on an intranet or the Internet:

  1. Choose File, Save As, and then select Add/Modify FTP Locations in the Save In list (see Figure 13.11).

    Figure 13.11. Use Add/Modify FTP Locations in the Save In list.


  2. Word displays the Add/Modify FTP Locations dialog box. Type the name of the site in the Name of FTP Site text box. Most FTP sites begin with ftp . (If you aren't sure of the name, ask the system administrator at the site.)

  3. If you don't have a personal account at the site, mark the Anonymous option button. If you do, mark the User option button, and enter your username and password. Then click the Add button to add the site to the list of FTP sites at the bottom of the dialog box and click OK.


    Many companies let people who don't have personal accounts log in to their FTP site as anonymous users. Anonymous users have access to only certain public areas of a site, and they may not be permitted to upload files at all.

  4. The new FTP location now appears in the Save In list (and in the Look In list in the Open dialog box). Select it if necessary, and then click the Open button.

  5. Word connects to the Internet (or your intranet) if you aren't already online, and displays the contents of the folders at the FTP site.

  6. Navigate to the folder in which you want to save the Web page, type a name for it in the File Name text box (use all lowercase), and click the Save button.

Word saves your Web page at the FTP site. It is now in a location where other people can access it via their browsers. If you need help with this process, ask your network or system administrator.

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