Saving Different Versions of a Document

If you need to create several versions of the same document (several versions of your rsum, perhaps), you might want to keep them all in one place under the same filename instead of saving them as separate documents. Word's versioning feature lets you save multiple versions of a document under the same name . For each version, Word stores information about who created it, when it was created, and a brief description of it.

To save a version of a document, follow these steps:

  1. Open the document, and revise it to create the version that you want to save.

  2. Choose File, Save As.

  3. Click the Tools button at the top of the Save As dialog box, and click Save Version.

  4. In the Save Version dialog box, type a brief comment about the version that's onscreen.

  5. Click OK.

When you later want to open a particular version of a document, first open the document, and then choose File, Versions to display the Versions dialog box. This dialog box lists any versions of the document that you have saved with the versioning feature. Select the one that you want to work with, and click the Open button.

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