Content is king, at least in the land of search engines. The quality and relevance of your content is the biggest factor in succeeding in search marketingthat is why optimizing your content is so important.

In this chapter, you learned what search engines are looking for and how you approach writing for them. This chapter covered the steps in a content-optimization process that stresses iterationworking the process over and over until you succeed. No one will optimize a page properly the first try. Failure is normal. What matters is how many times you will take another crack at it until your pages finally deliver the search marketing value you expected.

We deferred the discussion of one of the major ways search engines discern the quality of pageslink analysis. In the next chapter, we investigate the importance of links to your pages. We show you how to increase the high-quality links to your site that attract more visitors and impress the search engines, too.

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