Searching for Transactions

If you are looking for a particular transaction, such as a payment you received or check you wrote, you can find the transaction by searching in your check register.

Search for a Transaction

Select Lists, Chart of Accounts to open the Chart of Accounts (or press Ctrl+A).

Double-click the name of the cash account you use for your payments and deposits. The account register appears.

Click the Go To button.

Click the arrow next to Which Field to display a list of field choices.

Click the field in which you want to conduct your search.

In the Search For area, enter the payee name, account name, or amount for which you are searching.

Click Prev to search backward in the register, or click Next to search forward.

Continue clicking Prev or Next until you find the transaction you want.

Click Cancel when you're ready to close the Go To window.

Double-click the register transaction to display the original form that was used to create the transaction.


Be careful when editing transactions. If you edit a transaction that has already been recorded, you run the risk of changing information that has already been used on financial statements or in back reconciliations. Proceed with caution whenever you change a QuickBooks transaction.

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