Printing Lists

Printing a paper copy of your list provides you with a printed snapshot of the list as of today. You might want to print monthly copies of certain lists to save for comparison purposes. Or perhaps you need a printed copy of your customer list that includes telephone numbers. You can easily print your lists whenever you need them.

Print a List

Open the list you want to print, such as the Chart of Accounts, Item List, Vendors List in the Vendors Center, and so on.

To print a simple copy of the list, without adding any formatting, press Ctrl+P.

In the Print Lists window that appears, click the Print button to print the list.

Alternatively, click the Reports button at the bottom of the list to see a selection of reports you can produce and print.

Depending on the list you opened, the choices vary. Select the list you want to print.

Click the Reports on All option at the bottom of the Reports menu to see other options. After selecting a report, click the Print button on the report.

To print a list that opens in one of the centers, such as the Customer:Job List, open the Center, then click the Print button that appears at the top of the list. Choose from the menu options that appear.

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