Deleting Entries on a List

You can remove list entries that have never been used. This option generally applies to account names that QuickBooks entered when you first set up your company and that you never intend to use, but this procedure can also be used for other information you don't need. For example, if you open the Terms List and see several options for payment terms that your company doesn't use, you can delete the unwanted choices.

Delete a List Entry

Open a list. This example uses the Chart of Accounts List.

Click the account you want to delete.

Click the Account button at the bottom of the dialog box, then select Delete Account from the drop-down menu. On a list that appears in one of the Centers, right-click on the list entry you want to delete, then choose Delete from the pop-up menu.

Click OK when the Delete Account window appears.

Click Cancel if you change your mind and want to keep the account.


There's a shortcut for deleting list entries. Select the entry you want to delete, and then press Ctrl+D.

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