Using the Activities Menu on Your Lists

Each list that stands alone in a separate window, such as the Chart of Accounts list and the Items list, has a drop-down activities menu. The menu contains shortcuts to chores relating to paying or receiving money. The Center lists, such as those that appear in the Vendor Center and the Customer Center, feature a New Transactions button that provides a similar activities menu. You can conduct most of your company business from the list windows.

Here are some examples of activities that appear as menu choices on the various lists:

  • Customer Center Create invoices, create estimates, receive payments, make deposits, create statements, and create credit memos/refunds

  • Vendor Center Write checks, enter bills, and create purchase orders

  • Employee Center Pay employees, pay liabilities/taxes, and process payroll forms

  • Chart of Accounts List Write checks, make deposits, and transfer funds

  • Items List Create invoices, enter sales receipts, change item prices, create purchase orders, receive items & enter bill, and adjust quantity/value on hand

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