Adjusting the Price of Inventory

When you enter inventory items in QuickBooks, you have the option of entering the sales price for each item. When the price for an item has already been entered, you don't have to remember prices when you create invoices for customers because QuickBooks automatically enters the price information for you. And here's an even greater timesaver: If you need to change the sales prices on any or all of your inventory items, you don't have to edit the items individually. Instead, you can bring up a window that shows all your inventory items and their prices and then go down the list, making changes to any of the items. Or you can select the items to change and order QuickBooks to change everything at once by a certain markup or markdown percentage or amount.

Select Item List from the Lists menu.

Click the Activities button.

Select Change Item Prices.

Choose from the Item Type list what you want to display on this report.

Click to place a check mark to the left of any individual item you want to change.

Make the price change in the New Price column.

Alternatively, click Mark All to change all the inventory items at once.

Did You Know?

You can use the Select All feature, selectively. Save time by clicking Select All to select every item on the list. Then deselect certain items by clicking in the check mark column to remove the check mark on items you don't want to change.

Enter a percent or dollar amount by which you want to change the price of selected items. Use a minus sign if the change is to be a markdown instead of a markup.

Select whether the price change is to be based on sales price (Current Price) or cost (Unit Cost).

Click the Adjust button (even if the change is to be a markdown).

The new marked-up prices are assigned to all checked items.

Click OK.

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