Creating a Tax Return

When you have all the information necessary for the creation of your tax return, you can find all the tax forms you need on the Internet. The IRS provides all the tax forms and accompanying instructions on its website, available for downloading; all the state revenue agencies provide their tax forms online as well. Determine which tax forms you need. The easiest way to do this is to look at last year's tax return. If this is the first year for your company's tax return, start with the main tax form for your company as described earlier in this chapter. As you follow along and read the instructions, you will find out which other tax forms you need.

Download Federal Tax Forms

Go to the IRS website at

Click More Forms And Publications.

Click Forms And Instructions.

Scroll down until you see the forms section. Then scroll until you find the form(s) you want to download.

Click the form you want; if you want to select more than one form, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking other forms.

Click the Review Selected Files button.

Click the name of a form you want to view. The form you selected appears.

You can view the form onscreen, print it, and save it.

Download State Tax Forms

Go to the Fun with Taxes website at

Click the State Tax Forms link.

Click the state for which you need tax forms. The website for that state's revenue agency will appear in a separate window.

Did You Know?

Each state has its own website. You can use an Internet search engine to find the revenue agency for your state. Or you can go to a website that provides links to all state revenue agencies. A site like this is especially handy if you need to file tax returns in more than one state.

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