Transferring Money Between Accounts

You can use the QuickBooks online banking feature to transfer funds between accounts, move excess funds from non-interest bearing accounts into interest-bearing accounts, or transfer money from your main checking account into your payroll account without ever leaving your desk.

Request the Funds Transfer

Select Transfer Funds from the Banking menu.

Ignore the dateQuickBooks forces this date to read Next Business Day when you indicate you are making an online transfer of funds.

Enter the account from which you are transferring funds.

Enter the account to which you are transferring funds.

Enter the amount of the transfer.

Check the Online Funds Transfer box.

Click a save option.

Dispatch the Funds Transfer

Select Online Banking from the Banking menu; then select Online Banking Center from the side menu that appears.

Click to place a check mark to the left of the funds transfer.

Click Send (or click Go Online and then click Send).

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