Sending Online Messages

It's not exactly a message in a bottle, but you can send a message electronically through space, as it were, and communicate with your financial institution using your QuickBooks program. You can also make email requests for information or services.

Create an Online Message

Select Online Banking from the Banking menu; then select Create Online Banking Message from the side menu that appears.

If you deal with more than one online banking institution, verify that the correct bank appears in the Message To field.

Enter a subject for the message.

Verify that the correct account appears in the Regarding Account field.

Enter your message.

Click OK.

Dispatch an Online Message

To send your message, select Online Banking from the Banking menu; then Select Online Banking Center.

Click to place a check mark to the left of the message.

Click Send (or, if you are now yet online, click Go Online, and then click Send).

Did You Know?

If you have something important to say, call, don't write. If you need to discuss an issue now, call, don't write, your bank. Banks typically respond to email messages within 24 hours.

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