Revising Estimates

Plans can change, and when that happens, QuickBooks is ready to change with you. If you create an estimate for a customer and then find the job requirements have changed, the price of materials has gone up, it won't take as long as you predicted to do the work, or any other change has occurred, you can easily revise your estimate to keep up with the changes.

Select Jobs, Time & Mileage, Estimates by Job from the Reports menu.

Double-click the estimate you need to change.

Make changes on the estimate form.

Click a save option to save your changes.

Confirm that you want to make the changes to the estimate by clicking Yes.

Did You Know?

Changes made on progress billed invoices don't flow back to estimates. Although QuickBooks keeps track of payments received from customers and any edits you might make to invoices, the original estimate remains unaltered by these events. Only changes you make on the original estimate form itself alter that form.

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