Creating a Work in Progress Report

After you've entered estimates into your QuickBooks file, you can produce a report that displays all outstanding jobs, the amount of estimates on these jobs, the amount that has been invoiced so far, and the percent that has been invoiced. You can customize this report to show only the information in which you are interested.

Display a Work in Progress Report

Select Jobs, Time & Mileage, Job Progress Invoices vs. Estimates from the Reports menu.

Click the Modify Report button.

Click to place a check before each column you want to include on the report.

Click to uncheck any columns you don't need to see.

Click to select the orderascending or descendingin which you want to see information displayed.

Click OK to display the revised report.

Filter a Report by Certain Criteria

Complete steps 1 and 2 in the previous example.

Click the Filters tab.

Select a filter that will be used to limit the information that displays on your report. In this example, the report will be filtered to display only certain names, so Name is chosen as the filter.

Choose Multiple Names from the drop-down menu. The choices in this menu change depending on which filter you select.

Select the criteria to apply to this filter. In this example, the actual names are selected by clicking each one that is to be included.

Enter any additional information requested, based on the filter you have selected. The options that appear here can vary, depending on which criteria you chose in step 4.

Click OK (there might be more than one screen where that's needed) to return to your filtered report.

Because you made changes to a standard report, when you close your report you are given an opportunity to add this new report to your Memorized Report List. Click Yes to memorize the report, or click No to close the report without saving it.

See Also

See "Customizing Reports" on page 383 for information on using the report filtering feature.

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