Chapter 9. Tracking Time

What You'll Do

Set Time Tracking Preferences

Install the Timer

Install the Timer on a Remote Machine

Export Information to the Timer

Create a New Timer File

Create a Timed Activity

Use the Timer

Send Timer Data to QuickBooks

Open Timer Data in QuickBooks

View Timer Transactions

Edit Timer Transactions

Bill Time from the Timer to the Customer

Back Up and Condense Timer Data

Restore Backed-Up and Condensed Timer Data

You must be running QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise Solutions to have access to the timer feature. The timer provides QuickBooks users with the ability to use the computer like a time clock, tracking time spent and assigning that time to customers and jobs. In addition to using the time clock features, you can use the timer to record a description of the work you performed and the amount of time you spent.

Information recorded in the timer can be transferred directly to your company payroll if you use QuickBooks for preparing your payroll. You can also transfer time charged to a job directly to a customer invoice to expedite invoicing and avoid errors.

The timer works on any computer. The owner of the QuickBooks program can provide employees and contractors with a copy of the timer program, loaded with company customer and job names as well as designated tasks, and the worker can then record time spent and export the information back to the company file, saving time and paperwork.

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