Using the Job Status Feature

If your company works on only a handful of jobs at a time, you can probably keep track of the status of those jobs in your head. You know when each job started or is scheduled to start, how far along it is, and when it is expected to be completed. But for those companies with many balls in the air, QuickBooks provides a job status feature you can use to keep track of how close to completion each job is.

Set Up the Job Status Feature

Select Preferences from the Edit menu.

Click the Jobs & Estimates icon.

Click the Company Preferences tab.

If you want, change the name of any job status by deleting the name you see and entering your own choice for a job status.

Click OK.

Did You Know?

You can change the job status descriptions. QuickBooks provides five standard options for tracking a job status: Pending, Awarded, In Progress, Closed, and Not Awarded. If these descriptions don't work well for your company, simply enter new descriptions on the Jobs & Estimates preferences screen.

Use the Job Status Feature

Display the Customers & Jobs List by clicking on the Customer Center icon, then clicking the Customers & Jobs tab.

Double-click a job name if you want to change its status.

Click the Job Info tab.

Select the appropriate job status from the Job Status drop-down list.

Click OK.

Did You Know?

Updating the job status is a manual process. You need to remind yourself to regularly update the statuses of all your jobs. QuickBooks does not do this for you.

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