Using the Job Type Feature

You have the option to define the Job Type field for each job. Unlike the Job Status field, no standard entries are available in the Job Type field; therefore, you can customize job types to go with your business. For example, a construction company's job types might include New Construction, Repairs, and Renovation. Job types can also be subtypes of other job types; for example, the New Construction job type might include the subtypes Commercial and Residential. After you enter a job type, that type stays in your company file and becomes available as a selection on other jobs.

Display the Customers & Jobs list by clicking on the Customer Center icon, then clicking the Customers & Jobs tab.

Double-click a job name.

Click the Job Info tab.

Click the down-arrow in the Job Type field.

Select an existing job type, or click Add New to enter a type that is not listed.

Click OK.

Did You Know?

An advantage of using job types is that QuickBooks considers job types to be an item. A drop-down list in the Job Type field provides an easy way to choose from existing job types. Also, if you open the Lists menu, select Customer & Vendor Profile Lists, and then select Job Type List from the side menu, you can create quick reports, easily edit job types, and search for job types in your transactions.

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