Viewing Items on Purchase Orders

You can prepare a report showing all outstanding purchase orders so you can easily see which items have been ordered and have yet to be received. Then it's a simple matter to view an individual purchase order. You can change the order if necessary, or indicate that all or some of the items have been received. After items are received, they are removed from the purchase order and added to your company's accounts payable, ready for your payment.

Click the Vendor Center icon on the Toolbar.

Click the Transactions tab.

Click the Purchase Orders option.

Choose whether you want to view all orders or all open orders.

Double-click any order on the purchase orders list to view the actual order.

Press Esc to close a purchase order you are viewing.

Choose Reports, Purchases to view a menu of reports relating to your purchases.

Select a report to view.

Change the date at the top to see items on order as of a specific date or for a particular time period.

Scroll through the report to see all items on order.

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