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Your titles can appear in several places throughout your movie, as the following list describes:

  • Title appears at the beginning of movie ” Add a title at the beginning to show the audience the movie's title, as well as introductory text that might be necessary to explain what is about to take place in the movie, as might be needed for training videos .

  • Title appears before a selected clip ” Previews a clip in some way, perhaps to describe the passing of time or to explain a procedure that is about to be taught.



    Overlay title ” Text that appears on a clip that can be used to explain the current action, translate foreign speech, or to label a certain locale being shown.

  • Title appears on a selected clip ” These overlay titles display when a clip begins. You can use overlay titles for subtitles when a foreign language appears in the clip. Overlay titles appear on the timeline's Overlay title track.

  • Title appears after selected clip ” May be used to introduce an upcoming scene in the next clip.

  • Credits at the end of your movie ” When they appear at the end of a movie, titles are called credits and serve to wrap up details of the movie (such as a "Where they are now" biography of movie characters ) and to display names and production companies used in the making of the movie.

Ending credits tell the audience who should take credit (or blame) for the movie they just watched.


Many feel that adding titles and credits to short home movies such as parties might not be worth the effort. In reality, such movies often beg for titles, because years later, when your family watches past events, they'll always want to know when it took place, who is that woman talking to Aunt Terri, and how old were the kids when we went to the country fair? How many times have you looked at old pictures that had no names or date written on the back and wondered about such questions? Movie Maker simplifies the job of adding titles, and you should plan to add some kind of titles to virtually every movie you make.

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