Chapter 10. Using Titles And Credits

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72 About Titles and Credits

73 Create Movie Titles

74 Add a Title to the Start of Your Movie

75 Add a Title Before a Clip

76 Put a Title on a Clip

77 Add a Title After a Clip

78 Add End Credits

79 Add Special Effects to Titles and Credits

80 Freeze a Video Frame

Titles and credits serve to introduce your movie to your audience and to tell them who was responsible for it after they finish watching.



Titles ” The name of your movie, the names of the cast and crew, and anything else you might want to tell your audience before your movie begins comprise the title.

Credits ” Descriptions of who did what at the end of a movie, such as the production staff, as well as a repeat of the stars and head people. Typically, credits scroll from the bottom to the top of the screen.

Your titles and credits always appear in text that fades in and out or scrolls onto the screen. Movie Maker gives you full control over the special effects used as the titles and credits appear and disappear. In addition, you can select the style of text you want used, such as the font and color .

Titles and credits can sometimes serve to distinguish quickly shot and edited videos from more professional work that you spend time and effort creating and editing. Movie Maker offers a large number of special effects and styles for your movie's titles and credits. You'll want to ensure that the style of titles and credits match the mood of your movie. Don't add flashy titles and credits to a low-key movie, but do spruce up your titles and credits when your movie is fast-paced and exciting.



Titles and credits are the movie maker's notes to the audience members telling them what to expect and who did all the work.

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