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This chapter taught you about all of the basic ideas that are going to be implemented within the BetterMUD. I have not shown you a complete picture of things yet (for example, I barely mentioned databases, or the networking setup), but for now, I hope I've set your mind clicking so that you can understand how things work from a broad perspective.

The SimpleMUD was mainly concerned with specifics such as, "How do I make this work?" and "What data does this have?" I don't know about you, but I usually find that explaining every little nook and cranny of the code is extremely tedious . Honestly, how much did you care about the implementations of each SimpleMUD database class? Not much, eh?

I'm going to take an entirely different approach when showing you the BetterMUD. The SimpleMUD was all about learning how to actually code a MUD application; the BetterMUD is all about how to design a flexible and extensible MUD.

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