Chapter 11. The BetterMUD

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Chapter 11. The BetterMUD

This is where the book starts to get exciting. If you didn't have your fill of fun with designing the SimpleChat and SimpleMUD, then I'm sure you'll enjoy creating the BetterMUD.

SimpleMUD was a basic MUD, which I'm sure is obvious from its name . Unfortunately, even though it was simple, it still took considerable work to make a stable and robust server application. The SimpleMUD, in its final form, was 5,500 lines of actual code (about 9,000 with comments and whitespace). That's a lot of code for a simple project, especially if you're one person.

In this section of the book, you will learn how to make a far more complex MUD the BetterMUD.

In this chapter, you will learn to:

  • Understand the limitations and flaws of the SimpleMUD

  • Expand the SimpleMUD

  • Give up the idea of expanding the SimpleMUD in favor of making a BetterMUD

  • Appreciate the importance of abstracting the physics of a game from its logic

  • Understand the major entities involved in the BetterMUD

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