Question 10

Answer D is correct. In many situations, it is a good idea to disable indexes while performing data imports. To do so, you use the ALTER INDEX command. The DISABLE option turns the index off to allow for more immediate data imports. To enable the index, you need to rebuild it. In particular, clustered indexes require data reordering when importing has been completed. To enable indexes, you use the REBUILD option. Dropping and creating indexes would work, although it is unnecessary because the disable functionality is available.

For more information, see the following sources:

  • Chapter 3, "Implementing Database Objects"

  • SQL Server 2005 Books Online: "SQL Server Database Engine, Designing and Creating Databases, Indexes, Implementing Indexes, Modifying Indexes, Disabling Indexes"

  • "Chapter 14 - Improving SQL Server Performance,"

  • Within MSDN Library, go to MSDN Home, MSDN Library, .NET Development, Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability, Improving SQL Server Performance.

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