Appendix B. Accessing Your Free MeasureUp Practice Test

This Exam Cram book features exclusive access to MeasureUp's practice questions, which is an excellent study tool to help you assess your readiness for the 70-431 exam. MeasureUp is a Microsoft Certified Practice Test Provider.

To access your free practice questions, follow these steps:


Retrieve your unique registration key on the inside of the back cover of this book.


Go to


Create a free MeasureUp login account or log in to your existing account.


On the Learning Locker toolbar, click Register Products.


Read and consent to the license agreement by clicking the check box below the License Agreement.


Type your registration key number in the key box. Include all dashes and do not substitute any numbers.


Click Register.


Click the Learning Locker button to display your Personal Test Locker.


Click the Practice Test link and follow the instructions to start your test, or click the Learning Locker tab to return to your Learning Locker.

For more details about MeasureUp's product features, see Appendix C, "MeasureUp's Product Features."

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