Chapter 5: All About Links


How to…

  • Link to another page

  • Link to a different Web site

  • Link to precise locations on a page

  • Open linked pages in a new window

  • Create e-mail, FTP, and news links

  • Adjust the appearance of links

The Web wouldn’t be the Web without hyperlinks. No matter how much material is available on the World Wide Web, without a way to tie all that information together, it is little more than a gigantic library without a cataloging system. Prior to the development of the Web in 1990, other means of accessing information dominated the Internet. You might have heard terms like gopher, archie, veronica, and jughead and wondered what they meant. No, they’re not comic book characters, at least not in this case. They are terms that describe some of the ways to search the Internet in its early days. Although they’re still around, the development of the World Wide Web and its use of hypertext has eclipsed gopher and company, pushing them into the background in favor of a system that radically changed the way we access information online.

How to Do Everything with HTML & XHTML
How to Do Everything with HTML & XHTML
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