Interoperability between Java 2 Enterprise Edition and Microsoft .NET is now available to all developers. This book has described how interoperability functions internally within J2EE and .NET, as well as externally. Third-party vendors, such as JNBridge and Intrinsyc Software, have extended interoperability by offering cross- platform integration between the two major parties. For example, JNBridgePro generates proxies facilitating access to methods, classes, and functionality on both platforms.

The goal of this book is to inform Java developers and .NET programmers of the latest technologies and demonstrate how to integrate them with existing legacy systems. J2EE and .NET support web services, thereby enabling you to build scalable, accessible distributed applications. With enthusiasm and support from the entire Java and .NET communities, the technologies keep improving at a rapid pace, to the benefit of consumers and businesses alike.

.NET & J2EE Interoperability
Microsoft .NET and J2EE Interoperability Toolkit (Pro-Developer)
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Year: 2004
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