WLAN Drivers

Before using an iPAQ or similar palmtop computer for wireless auditing, the device must have the capability to use a wireless network card. Although this might seem like a fairly simple task, some of the wireless auditing tools are very particular with regards to the types of WNICs that can be used. In addition, certain WNICs might not have drivers that will enable them to be used with an iPAQ.

To install drivers, you will first need to determine which type of card you have. This can require a bit of detective work. For example, the Dell Truemobile card is actually an ORiNOCO Gold card manufactured by Lucent. However, you will not find drivers for this WNIC at Lucent's Web site; instead, you need to visit http://www.orinocowireless.com.

Installing drivers is typically a straightforward process using the synchronization program. For example, installing the Compaq W110 drivers is simply a matter of downloading a file and running through the wizards. However, there are some cards that can be a bit more difficult. The previously mentioned ORiNOCO card is an excellent example of a difficult installation. To get this card to work, you have to download the driver package for the corresponding ORiNOCO card and unpack the files manually. Then you must manually port the files to the palmtop and install the *.CAB file, while constantly wincing as you override warnings about installing unsafe drivers.

If you want to avoid this type of frustration, we suggest that you research what WNICs are compatible with your palmtop and make the purchase based on a compatible solution, taking into consideration what types of programs you will be using for auditing purposes.

Maximum Wireless Security
Maximum Wireless Security
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