Pocket PC Installation

Installing Pocket PC programs is fairly straightforward. Palmtop computers use an interface with a hosting laptop or desktop computer. The handheld is updated and installed through this interface. This interface also provides a means to install third-party programs onto the iPAQ. The procedure typically is as follows :

  1. The program is downloaded to the desktop.

  2. The user installs program from desktop, just like any other program.

  3. This unpacks files for the host PC (if needed for the program's functionality), and places files to be installed on the palmtop in a specially linked folder.

  4. The iPAQ is connected to the host computer, and a synching program detects the install and downloads Pocket PC-compatible files to RAM on the handheld.

  5. If the files are in *.CAB format, the Pocket PC unpacks the files and updates the palmtop computer's files.

  6. The program is installed.

This overview covers most installation scenarios. However, some programs only require the passing of one or more files manually from host to client, whereas some require more complex procedures that update the iPAQ's ROM drivers.

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