Chapter 2. Wireless Network Protocols


  • Inside the 802.11 Standard

  • Inside the 802.11a Standard

  • Inside the 802.11g Standard

  • 802.11a Versus 802.11b

  • Understanding HomeRF

  • Understanding IrDA

  • Understanding Bluetooth

Because wireless technology has grown so rapidly , there are a wide range of excellent products and protocols available for home and business use. Examples of such diversity range from the first generation cell phones that can communicate at approximately 9600 baud to the 54Mbps speeds offered by 802.11a.

To complicate matters, each of these technologies has its specific market and corresponding proprietary devices. Worse yet, each technology fosters its own specific hardware and software protocols, which can make it incompatible with other wireless devices (see Figure 2.1)

Figure 2.1. Diversity in a wireless network.


This chapter introduces various wireless protocols, with special attention to those products specific to WLANs. Thus, this material lays important groundwork for the advanced information presented later. In addition, you will be able to compare and contrast wireless architectures.

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Maximum Wireless Security
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