Nonlinear, Game Interactive Format

In a “nonlinear, game interactive format,” the chapters of the linear format become self-contained boxes, allowing the player to select from the available boxes or places to explore.

The storytelling or control of the plot rests in the hands and skills of the player. The designer’s job is to give numerous paths and options for the player to operate therein. Think of this as an amusement park where the individual rides are entirely self-contained, but they are located near and have a similar theme to the other rides in that section of the park. Selecting amusements and rides in various orders may result in a variety of outcomes; for instance, eating and riding three roller coasters may produce a result much different stomach-wise than riding the roller coasters first and then eating a big meal.

The designer sets the stage, provides enough paths and possible storylines, and for each path an outcome is determined. Some areas can be entered only once, while others can be entered multiple times or in a specific order. In others, the order produces different outcomes.

Game Design Foundations
Game Design Foundations (Wordware Game and Graphics Library)
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