Alice in Planet Wonderland

Box 1:

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Alice sits at her CAT (Computer by Advanced Technologies) computer (Dinah) playing solitaire. She is about to be 33 years old on March 3. On her 13th birthday, her mother, also age 33, died unexpectedly. Divorced and lonely, she stares at her computer screen night after night. She was raised by her aunt along with her older sister. After high school she had to work instead of attending college, where she wanted to go to study medicine or law.

An e-mail pops up.

“Oh, Dear! Oh, Dear! I shall be late!
Download the Wonderland program.
signed, The White Rabbit.”

Curious, Alice downloads and executes the 3D Virtual Wonderland program and in first person POV sees 3D White Rabbit run across the screen and down a hole located under a row of hedges.

Alice touches her screen on top of the hole under the hedge and her finger disappears.

Amazed, Alice drinks her cup of tea, which has magically turned purple. She is instantly transported into the 3D virtual Wonderland world. She enters the surprisingly large rabbit hole in hope of adventure.

Box 2:

(an initial entry)
As 33-year-old Alice floats down into the abyss, she turns 28 and sees objects from her past. Soon she turns 23, and more familiar objects from those years appear around her as she continues to fall. Then she turns 18 and notices the world around her is the same as it was in those late teenage years. Finally, Alice lands on the ground as she has become 13 again. The White Rabbit is seen running down the long corridor.

Box 3:

(multi entry)
“The Rabbit Form,” a dark nightclub with pulsating music dimly lit by a row of hanging lamps owned by the White Rabbit. Cards, dominoes, and chess pieces are dancing to the music. In the back there are stairs leading to a basement.

Box 4:

(multi entry)
An empty basement with several locked doors, a sofa, two comfortable chairs, a coffee table filled with cakes and glasses of purple, green, and yellow juices, and a three-legged glass bookcase with a golden key lying on the top shelf. Each door leads to a different “box.”

If Alice partakes of the “Eat Me” cakes on the coffee table, she will turn 18 years old. Then with another bite, she’ll become 23 years old. After another mouthful, she’ll turn 28 years old and lastly become 33 years old again.

If Alice drinks from any of the glasses, she’ll lose five years from her life, so if she’s 18 years old, she’ll turn 13 again. She can never get older than 33 or younger than 13. She needs to be at least 23 to acquire the key and 13 to unlock and open any door.

The first door enters the Alice Tear Lake Island.

The second door enters the entrance to the White Rabbit’s House.

The third door enters the white rose garden leading to the King’s Castle.

Box 5:

(multi entry)
Alice Tear Lake Island is the island where the “caucus race” happens and was created by the first of Alice’s tears. This is where Alice interacts with other virtual 3D characters, such as a lory, a dodo, an eaglet, a duck, a magpie, a canary, and two crabs (a mother and her daughter).

On the first time here (or if Message One flag is not “On”) Alice learns that, after the original Alice’s first visit, the Queen of Hearts has been placed in the dungeon for beheading half the kingdom and for unjustly accusing the Knave of Hearts of stealing her tarts. The Mad Hatter now rules since he won the “caucus race” after everyone else tried to solve his “riddle of the day” that had no sensible answer.

Box 6:

(multi entry)
The White Rabbit’s House where the White Rabbit, the messenger and herald for the King, lives. The White Rabbit has many employees who have cottages on his estate, such as the housemaid, Mary Ann, the butler, Pat, and the gardener and handy creature, Lizard Bill.

Box 7:

(multi entry)
The Rose Garden in front of the King’s Castle where the gardeners—the Two of Hearts, the Five of Hearts, and the Seven of Hearts—paint the white roses red and prune the luxurious gardens. Often in older days croquet was played here with flamingo mallets, hedgehog balls, and playing card arches.

Box 8:

(multi entry)
The woods where an enormous puppy playfully wants to fetch after a stick. The woods are located just north of the Caterpillar’s Mushroom.

Box 9:

(multi entry)
The Caterpillar’s Mushroom. A flowered, grassy area where on top of a large, growing mushroom sits a hookah-smoking large caterpillar. The caterpillar explains that eating the left side of the mushroom will make one grow older and the other side will make one grow younger. A pigeon flying overhead attacks grown-ups (over 23 years old). This is located just south of the woods (beware of the giant puppy).

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Become one with your vision; put yourself into your work.

Box 10:

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The Duchess’ House where a Fish Footman guards the entrance and inside the large kitchen filled with smoke a Duchess sits nursing her baby on a three-legged stool with her cook stirring a cauldron of peppered soup. Occasionally, sitting on the hearth is a wide grinning Cheshire Cat who can disappear and often gives great advice. Quite often the cook throws pans, plates, and dishes at the sneezing Duchess and her baby whom the Duchess violently tosses in the air. From the Duchess’ house, traveling to the right leads to the Mad Hatter’s House and traveling to the left goes to the March Hare’s Hutch.

Box 11:

(multi entry)
Mad Hatter’s Property. Located on the front lawn of the Mad Hatter’s domicile is a large table under a tree reserved for drinking tea. Currently, the Mad Hatter and his “mad as a March Hare” companion reside at the Castle where it’s always “tea time.”

Box 12:

(multi entry)
The March Hare’s Hutch. In the shape of a large rabbit, the March Hare’s house is cluttered with piles of carrots and bags of tea.

Box 13:

(multi entry)
The Castle where the Mad Hatter rules in riddles and drinks tea with his companions, the March Hare and the forever sleepy Dormouse. The Hatter gets very few things done but at least he’s not running around chopping everyone’s head off like the imprisoned Queen of Hearts did. In a nice room inside the castle resides the King of Hearts. The Frog Footman runs errands for the Hatter and the Hare but not very often. The Mad Hatter enjoys watching the Knave of Hearts carry the royal crown, especially in the Castle’s dungeon where the raving and angry Queen of Hearts sits. (Remember, she accused the Knave of stealing her tarts at one time.)

Box 14:

(multi entry)
The Castle’s Dungeon is a large room where one side has a metal-barred prison (room) with a bed, and on the adjacent side is a foyer for visitors and guards to sit at the table or move the chairs toward the prisoner. Currently, the Queen of Hearts resides here and is visited daily by the Knave of Hearts, who delivers a fresh tart each morning and leaves it on a chair in front of the barred prison just out of reach of the Queen. The King, who lives in his lofty room upstairs in the castle, has long forgotten his wife and her annoying, belittling behavior toward him.

Box 15:

(multi entry)
Gryphon. The mountain cave of the Gryphon (half lion and half eagle). Just a short trip from here to visit the Mock Turtle.

Box 16:

(multi entry)
Mock Turtle. The sandy beach area by the sea where the Mock Turtle lays on a rock sobbing and tells marvelous stories and puns.

Possible endings:


Alice stays in Wonderland forever.

Alice returns home in time for her 33rd birthday.

Alice returns home as a 13-year-old and her mother lives past 33.

Alice returns home as an 18-year-old and goes to college.

Alice returns home as a 23-year-old and meets a handsome doctor.

Alice joins the Queen of Hearts in the dungeon.

Alice becomes the new Queen of Wonderland.

Alice goes mad and becomes a wicked witch who gets visited by a girl named Dorothy and her dog Toto (but that’s another story).

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