The Scenario: BananaMobiles


Sams Teach Yourself ASP.NET in 21 Days, Second Edition
By Chris Payne
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Bonus Day 22.  Building a Complete Application

You've been approached by BananaMobile, Inc., which wants to take its business online. Specifically, the company wants a complete application that will allow visitors to build and customize their own BananaMobiles online (see Figure 22.1), and then place an order for their specially designed vehicle. You will be supplied with all the necessary specifications so that users have choices of BananaMobile parts.

Figure 22.1. The legendary BananaMobile.


In addition, all BananaMobiles have built-in wireless Internet access from the vehicles. The access uses a proprietary mechanism, known as BananaConnect, that implements its own Web browser. The company wants you to build a Web service that BananaConnect can access to allow users to post information about their vehicles to a central database. This information includes mileage, top speeds, and max throttle generated (yes, BananaMobiles are used competitively for sport, in addition to transporting bananas).

Now that you've examined the requirements, let's start building the ASP.NET application!


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