Chapter 14. Special Programming Techniques


    Recipe 14.1.  Preventing Multiple Instances of a Running Application

    Recipe 14.2.  Creating a Simple User Control

    Recipe 14.3.  Describing User Control Properties

    Recipe 14.4.  Starting Other Applications by EXE, Document, or URL

    Recipe 14.5.  Waiting for Applications to Finish

    Recipe 14.6.  List All Running Processes

    Recipe 14.7.  Terminating a Running Process

    Recipe 14.8.  Pausing Execution of a Program

    Recipe 14.9.  Control Applications by Simulating Keystrokes

    Recipe 14.10.  Watching for File and Directory Changes

    Recipe 14.11.  Creating an Icon in the System Tray

    Recipe 14.12.  Accessing the Clipboard

    Recipe 14.13.  Adding Tooltips to Controls

    Recipe 14.14.  Dragging and Dropping Files to a ListBox

    Recipe 14.15.  Dragging and Dropping Between ListBox Controls

    Recipe 14.16.  Disposing of Objects Appropriately

    Recipe 14.17.  Fine-Tuning Garbage Collection

    Recipe 14.18.  Moving the (Mouse) Cursor

    Recipe 14.19.  Intercepting All Key Presses on a Form

    Recipe 14.20.  Accessing the Registry

    Recipe 14.21.  Running Procedures in Threads

    Recipe 14.22.  Reading XML into a TreeView

    Recipe 14.23.  Creating an XML Document

    Recipe 14.24.  Validating an XML Document

    Recipe 14.25.  Using Generic Collections

    Recipe 14.26.  Creating a Screensaver

    Recipe 14.27.  Localizing the Controls on a Form

    Recipe 14.28.  Adding Pop-up Help to Controls

    Recipe 14.29.  Maintaining User-Specific Settings Between Uses of an Application

    Recipe 14.30.  Verifying a Credit Card Number

    Recipe 14.31.  Capturing a Console Application's Output

    Recipe 14.32.  Reading an Assembly's Details

    Recipe 14.33.  Performing Serial I/O

    Recipe 14.34.  Rebooting the System

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