Chapter 10. Multimedia


    Recipe 10.1.  Playing an Audio File

    Recipe 10.2.  Displaying Image Files

    Recipe 10.3.  Playing a Video File

    Recipe 10.4.  Making Your Computer Beep

    Recipe 10.5.  Creating an Animation Using Multiple Images

    Recipe 10.6.  Creating an Animation by Generating Multiple Bitmaps

    Recipe 10.7.  Creating an Animation by Drawing at Runtime

    Recipe 10.8.  Creating Animated Sprites

    Recipe 10.9.  Resizing and Compressing JPEG Files

    Recipe 10.10.  Getting JPEG Extended Information

    Recipe 10.11.  Creating Thumbnails

    Recipe 10.12.  Displaying Images While Controlling Stretching and Sizing

    Recipe 10.13.  Scrolling Images

    Recipe 10.14.  Merging Two or More Images

    Recipe 10.15.  Using Resource Images

    Recipe 10.16.  Capturing an Image of the Screen

    Recipe 10.17.  Getting Display Dimensions

    Recipe 10.18.  Speeding Up Image Processing

    Recipe 10.19.  Converting an Image to Grayscale

    Recipe 10.20.  Performing Edge Detection on an Image

    Recipe 10.21.  Full Listing of the LockImage Class

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