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ethics in public relations: a guide to best practice
Ethics in Public Relations: A Guide to Best Practice
by Patricia J. Parsons   ISBN:074944276x
Kogan Page © 2004 (187 pages)

Can you really learn ethics? This practical text for PR practitioners examines how an individual™s sense of morality has an impact on decision-making and ethical business behavior.

Table of Contents
Ethics In Public Relations”A Guide to Best Practice
Part 1 - What Lies Beneath
Chapter 1 - Before We Begin”New Profession ¦ or One of the Oldest?
Chapter 2 - A Tangled Web”the ˜Truth™ About PR Ethics
Chapter 3 - To Do No Harm”the Issue of Trust
Chapter 4 - Whose Rights Are Right?
Chapter 5 - The Trouble With Rules
Chapter 6 - Robin Hood Ethics
Part 2 - Ethics and the Practitioner
Chapter 7 - Your Staircase to Respect
Chapter 8 - The Good, the Bad And the (Almost) Ugly”Ethics Codes
Chapter 9 - Sex And the Single (or Not) PR Practitioner”Conflict of Interest
Chapter 10 - You ¦ Against the World
Part 3 - Strategies and Dilemmas
Chapter 11 - Media Relations”Breeding Ground for Ethical Problems
Chapter 12 - Persuasion ¦ or Propaganda?
Chapter 13 - Good Causes and Bad Taste
Chapter 14 - PR and Plagiarism
Part 4 - Organizations, Ethics and Public Relations
Chapter 15 - The True Reality of Everyday Ethics”Making Decisions
Chapter 16 - PR and the Corporate Ethics Programme
Chapter 17 - Making Business Accountable”the ˜New Breed™ of PR
Appendix 1 - For Your Bookshelf
Appendix 2 - Institute of Public Relations Code of Conduct (Reproduced by permission of the IPR)
Appendix 3 - Guidelines for the Ethics Audit
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Ethics in Public Relations. A Guide to Best Practice
Ethics in Public Relations: A Guide to Best Practice (PR in Practice)
ISBN: 074945332X
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2004
Pages: 165
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