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information technology security: advice from experts
Information Technology Security: Advice from Experts
by Lawrence M. Olivia   ISBN:1591402476
Idea Group Publishing © 2004 (171 pages)

This book provides a collection of interviews of corporate IT security practitioners offering various viewpoints on successes and failures in managing IT security in organizations.

Table of Contents
IT Solutions Series”IT Security Advice from Experts
Chapter I - Executive Overview
Section I - Governance Issues
Chapter II - Aligning Assurance Requirements, Countermeasures, and Business
Chapter III - Protecting Customer Provided Information
Chapter IV - Global IT Risk Management Strategies
Section II - Architecture Issues
Chapter V - Architecture Issues
Section III - Technology Issues
Chapter VI - Wireless Information Security
Chapter VII - Reference Materials
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Information Technology Security. Advice from Experts
Information Technology Security. Advice from Experts
ISBN: 1591402484
Year: 2004
Pages: 113
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