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hardening network infrastructure: bulletproof your systems before you are hacked!
Hardening Network Infrastructure: Bulletproof Your Systems Before You Are Hacked!
by Wesley J. Noonan   ISBN:0072255021
McGraw-Hill/Osborne © 2004 (552 pages)

This thorough, hard-hitting guide will help you make the vital upgrades and take the fundamental steps to secure your network infrastructure from hackers.

Table of Contents
Hardening Network Infrastructure
Part I - Do This Now!
Chapter 1 - Do These Six Things Before You Do Anything Else
Part II - Take It From The Top: The Systematic Hardening Process
Chapter 2 - Write a Security Policy
Chapter 3 - Hardening Your Firewall
Chapter 4 - Hardening Your Network with Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Chapter 5 - Hardening VPN and Dial-in Remote Access
Chapter 6 - Hardening Your Routers and Switches
Chapter 7 - Securing the Network with Content Filters
Chapter 8 - Hardening Wireless LAN Connections
Chapter 9 - Implementing AAA
Chapter 10 - Hardening Your Network with Network Management
Chapter 11 - Implementing a Secure Perimeter
Chapter 12 - Implementing a Secure Interior
Part III - Once Is Never Enough!
Chapter 13 - Auditing: Performing a Security Review
Chapter 14 - Managing Changes to Your Environment
Part IV - How to Succeed at Hardening Your Network Infrastructure
Chapter 15 - Setting Perceptions and Justifying the Cost of Security
Chapter 16 - Addressing Staffing and Training Issues
Chapter 17 - Incident Response
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Hardening Network Infrastructure. Bulletproof Your Systems Before You Are Hacked.
Hardening Network Infrastructure. Bulletproof Your Systems Before You Are Hacked.
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