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databases, cost estimating for 2nd
decentralized contracting, compared with centralized contracting
decision tree method, risk analysis using 2nd
deliverable(s) 2nd 3rd
     acceptance of
     contrasted with work product(s)
     PMI definition
Delphi technique
Deming approach to quality 2nd
dependency determination
diagramming techniques
     risk identification using
     time management 2nd
difficulty of projects
direct and manage project execution (process) 2nd 3rd
     planning assumptions 2nd
     project charter/initiation document 2nd 3rd 4th
     revised project charter
documentation reviews, risk identification using
drum resources 2nd 3rd
duration of activities/tasks 2nd
     and critical chain method
     estimating 2nd
duration estimating [See activity duration estimating.]

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