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CADMID cycle 2nd
calendars [See also project calendars; resource calendars.]
     applied in time management
CAPM (Certified Associate Project Management) [See PMI (Project Management Institute).]
cause and effect diagram 2nd 3rd
Central Limit Theorem
centralized/decentralized contracting
change control, relationship to configuration management
change control board 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
     PMI definition
change control systems 2nd 3rd 4th
     for contracts
     PMI definition
     relationship to configuration management system
change requests
     in communications management 2nd 3rd
     in integration management 2nd 3rd
     in quality management 2nd 3rd
     in scope management
     in time management 2nd 3rd
     quality checklists 2nd
     risk checklists
Cisco, acquisition project
'close project' process 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
     PMI definition
closing processes
     administrative closure (process) 2nd
     contract closure (process) 2nd 3rd
     deliverables/outputs from 2nd 3rd
     interconnections with other process groups 2nd
     meaning of term
     people involved
     PMI definition
     project closure (process) 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
     reason for importance
code of ethics
code of professional conduct 2nd
cognitive dissonance
co-location of team 2nd
     e-mail and
     emotions in
     gut feel as aid to
     importance in project management
     in most appropriate manner
         audience 2nd
         check for misunderstandings
         knowledge 2nd
         listening 2nd
         medium for audience 2nd
         plan and rehearse 2nd
         sponsor acceptance 2nd
         taking initiative 2nd
         tension in needs 2nd
         test and adjust 2nd
     sources of problems 2nd
     two-way 2nd
communication plan 2nd 3rd
communication requirements analysis 2nd
communication skills 2nd
communications management 2nd
     processes used
communications planning 2nd
     PMI definition
     tools and techniques for 2nd 3rd
conference methods of cost estimation 2nd 3rd
configuration management
     relationship to change control
configuration management system 2nd 3rd
     PMI definition
     relationship to change control system
conflict management
contingency times, aggregating
contract administration process 2nd 3rd
     activities involved
     PMI definition
contract change control system
contract closure 2nd 3rd 4th
contract planning 2nd 3rd
contract statement of work
     PMI definition
contracting, centralized/decentralized
     cost reimbursable contract
     fixed price contract
     levels of risk
     time and materials contract
     PMI definition 2nd
     statistical concept
control account
     PMI definition
control charts
     upper and lower limits
controlling processes [See monitoring and controlling processes.]
corrective actions 2nd 3rd
     PMI definition
cost benefit analysis 2nd
cost budgeting
     outputs 2nd
     PMI definition
     tools and techniques for
cost control
     phasing in
     PMI definition
     tools and techniques for
cost estimating
     account analysis method 2nd
     conference method 2nd 3rd
     engineering method 2nd
     inputs 2nd
     PMI definition
     quantitative analysis of cost relationships method 2nd
     rules of thumb for
     as specialist task
     tools and techniques for 2nd
cost management 2nd
     importance in project management
     key concepts
     minimum knowledge required
     processes used 2nd
cost management plan
     information in
cost of quality technique 2nd 3rd
cost performance index 2nd
cost reimbursable contracts
     rules of thumb for estimating
     and scope
crashing (schedule compression)
     PMI definition
crisis management
     risk management preferable to
critical chain method 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
     contrasted with critical path method
     eliminating multitasking
     feed buffers used 2nd
     PMI definition
     resource buffers used 2nd
critical path method
     contrasted with critical chain method
     PMI definition
Crosby approach to quality 2nd
cultural norms, realism about
customers 2nd
     PMI definition

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