Writing Training Documentation

Training documentation can entail a myriad of options. For example, an organization can have training documentation for maintenance and administration procedures, installation and configuration of new technologies, common end-user tasks, ways various network components can be used, future technologies, and much more. The documentation should match current training procedures, and it can also help define what training will be offered in the future.

Outlining Technical Training

Administrators are responsible for the upkeep and management of the ISA environment. As a result, they must be technically prepared to address a variety of issues such as maintenance and troubleshooting. Training documentation should address why the technologies are being taught and how the technologies pertain to the network environment, and it should also provide step-by-step hands-on procedures to perform the tasks.

Documenting End-User Training

Training materials and other forms of documentation for end users offer the users a means for learning how to use ISA for VPNs, how to log in to OWA through an ISA forms-based authentication page, and much more. End-user training documentation also serves as a great reference tool after training has been concluded.

Detailing System Usage Policies

To gain control over how the system is to be used, it's important for an organization to implement system usage policies. Policies can be set on end users as well as on the IT personnel. Policies for end users may include specifying which types of access through the ISA firewall are provided, that instant messaging is not allowed on the local machine or the network, and that users must follow specific steps to obtain technical support, for example. On the other hand, IT personnel policies may dictate that routine system maintenance can occur only between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. on Saturdays, for example.

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