Using Traditional Backup and Restore Tools with ISA Server 2004

"Traditional" backup utilities, such as Veritas Backup Exec, ArcServ, CommVault, or even the built-in NTBackup utility, can be used to back up ISA Server 2004. These types of backup solutions do entire system backups, rather than ISA-specific backups such as XML exports, and can be useful for restoring information such as server-installed certificates and customized user settings on a server.


Full-system backups done with third-party utilities are often used in addition to ISA export functionality to provide for multiple layers of backup and restore protection.

Backing Up and Restoring the ISA Server Operating System and Components

Each version of backup software has specific steps that are used to back up and restore system components. These procedures should be followed per the specific instructions provided by the product. If a third-party product is not available, the built-in NTBACKUP product that ships with Windows Server 2003 can be used. This product provides for full server backup and restore capabilities, only with a few less options than the enterprise third-party backup software available. To use NTBackup to back up an ISA server, perform the following steps:


Click Start, Run, and then type NTBackup and click OK.


If NTBackup has never been run before, a wizard starts. If the wizard does not start, click Backup Wizard (Advanced) from the Welcome tab.


When the prompt asks what will be done, select Back Up Files and Settings and click Next.


At the subsequent dialog box, shown in Figure 18.8, select All Information on This Computer and click Next.

Figure 18.8. Using NTBackup to back up an ISA server.


When prompted where to place the backup file, click the Browse button and select the folder on the server or in a remote location to which the backup file will be saved. After the folder has been selected, click Save and then click Next to continue.


Review the information and click Finish.


Click Close after the backup has completed.

Restoring the information on an ISA server follows a similar procedure. If specific files need to be restored, for example, the NTBackup program can be run from the same ISA server. If, on the other hand, an entire server needs to be restored from scratch, the process is slightly different. The following high-level steps are involved with this process. A full rebuild of the ISA server, followed by a restore using the BAK backup file previously created, is necessary. Because of the complexity of this process, it is highly recommended to use the XML export and import procedures to restore ISA server whenever possible.

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