Cropping Shortcuts

Apply Crop


Both: Enter or Return

Cancel Crop


Both: Esc

Mac: Cmd + . (period)

Win: Ctrl + . (period)

Crop Without Snapping to Edges


Mac: Ctrl + drag

Win: Cmd + drag

Constrain Crop to a Square


Mouse: Shift + drag corner handles

Resize Crop from the Center


Mac: Option + drag handles

Win: Alt + drag handles

Constrain Crop from the Center


Mac: Option + Shift + drag handles

Win: Alt + Shift + drag handles

Rotate the Cropping Boundary


Mouse: Drag outside the cropping box


Move the Cropping Box


Mouse: Drag inside the cropping box


Resize the Cropping Box


Mouse: Drag cropping box handles


Add Canvas to an Image with the Crop Tool


Mouse: Resize cropping box beyond image area

This is another one of those cool hidden shortcuts because it isn't obvious at first. First, select the entire image area with the Crop tool. After you see the cropping box handles, you can then resize the box beyond the image area. When you apply the crop, it adds the additional canvas to the image area. To add canvas equally from the center of the image, hold down the (Option) [Alt] key while dragging a handle. Remember, you must create a crop area first, and then you can adjust it outside the image area. In ImageReady, you can crop beyond the canvas size directly ”the Crop tool allows you to start drawing your crop rectangle outside of the canvas. To use this tip effectively, you should be in a Full Screen view mode.

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Photoshop 7 Power Shortcuts
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