Selecting with the Lasso Tools

Toggle Between Polygonal Lasso and Lasso tool


Mac: Option + drag

Win: Alt + drag

Holding down the modifier while in one of these two tools will toggle you to the other. You must keep the modifier key held down while using the tool to keep the toggle active.

Add a Point


Mouse: Single-click

Delete the Last Point


Both: Delete

Close the Selection


Both: Double-click or Enter

Close the Selection at the Starting Point


Mouse: Click on the starting point

Close the Selection Using a Straight-Line Segment


Mac: Option + double-click

Win: Alt + double-click

Cancel the Operation


Both: Escape

Mac: Cmd + . (period)

Win: Ctrl + . (period)

Adjust Magnetic Lasso Width

Increase ]
Decrease [
Minimum Width {
Maximum Width }

Changes value in single pixel increments . Minimum value is 1 pixel; maximum value is 256 pixels.

Adjust Magnetic Lasso Edge Contrast

Increase , (comma)
Decrease . (period)
Minimum Edge Contrast <
Maximum Edge Contrast

Changes value in 1% increments. Minimum value is 1%; maximum value is 100%.

Adjust Magnetic Lasso Frequency

Increase ; (semi- colon )
Decrease ' (apostrophe)
Minimum Frequency : (colon)
Maximum Frequency " (quotation marks)

Changes value in single unit increments. Minimum value is 1; maximum value is 256.

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