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manuals, online
many-to-many relationships, tables
mathematical number functions
     LOG( )
     POW( )
     SQRT( )
Max binaries
MAX( ) function, data aggregation
MEDIUMBLOB data type
MEDIUMINT data type
MEDIUMTEXT data type
MEMORY storage engine
MERGE algorithm
MIN( ) function, data aggregation
MINUS operators
     combined queries
     simulating in temporary tables
MOD operator
MODIFY keyword, altering tables
multiple errors, SELECT statement
multiple rows, INSERT command
multiplication (*) operator
multiuser access-control systems, authentication
     privilege tables
MyISAM storage engine, full-text indexes
     data source creation
     Excel example connection
     UNIX/Linux data source
     reasons for using
     source code
     user case studies
     website 2nd
MySQL Administrator's Guide
mysql argument
MySQL Certification Study Guide
mysql client
     command-line client
    MySQL databases
         capturing output
         editing commands
         query output formats
         SQL command entry
         viewing connection status
         zero record retrieval
mysql client program
     \c command (clearing current command)
     \e command (open editor)
     \g command (query execution)
     \r command (reconnection to databases)
     \s command (show connection status)
     \T command (query output)
     database switch
     host switch
     password switch
     user switch
MySQL databases
     commands, editing (mysql client program)
     connecting (mysql client program)
     connection status, viewing (mysql client program)
     exiting (mysql client program)
     output, capturing (mysql client program)
     query output formats (mysql client program)
     selecting (mysql client program)
     SQL commands, entry of (mysql client program)
     SQL statements, executing (mysql client program)
     zero record retrieval (mysql client program)
mysql interface, PHP scripts
     connecting to MySQL
     finding query information
     gathering query data
     query execution
     resource cleanup
MySQL Language Reference
MySQL Server Instance Configuration wizard
MySQL Setup wizard
MySQL Tutorial
MySQL-bench package
MySQL-client package
MySQL-devel package
MySQL-server package
MySQL-shared package
     date functions listing
     numeric functions listing
     string functions listing
mysql_config utility
mysql_connect( ) function
mysql_fetch_row( ) function
mysql_free_result( ) function
mysql_num_rows( ) function
mysql_query( )
mysql_query( ) function
MySQLi API, PHP scripts
     connecting to MySQL
     fetching query data
     finding query information
     freeing up resources
     query execution

Sams Teach Yourself MySQL in 10 Minutes
Sams Teach Yourself MySQL in 10 Minutes
ISBN: 0672328631
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 165
Authors: Chris Newman

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